As promised, GTA Online players have unfinished business with Yusuf Amir, and the Chop Shop update is out today on PlayStation platforms. It introduces the aforementioned illicit business, a variety of new vehicles, and additional Drift Races, an excellent way to kill some time while we wait for the release of GTA 6 (coming in 2025).

Get started by answering a call from Yusuf, and purchasing a Salvage Yard will earn you a place in a plot to steal some of Southern San Andreas' most in-demand vehicles. Some of these jobs require a deft hand, and you can access these new robberies from the Salvage Yard Planning Wall.

But that's just for starters. There are five Salvage Yard properties to choose from, and players can indulge in optional upgrades like Trade Rates, which apply a discount when dealing with Mors Mutual or repairing vehicles in any custom shop. Invest in a Tow Truck to designate specific vehicles for extraction back to the Salvage Yards for an assortment of auto parts.

Will you be getting behind the wheel of GTA Online's latest update? How are you finding the long wait for GTA 6? Remove all identifying markers before entering the comments section below.