As GTA 6 Enthusiasm Mounts, GTA Online Is Getting a New Business 1
Image: Push Square

A large part of GTA Online’s ongoing fun is its inclusion of various illicit businesses you can run in order to earn money to fuel your Los Santos lifestyle. But while all eyes will be fixed on the announcement of GTA 6 this month, Rockstar isn’t planning to neglect its decade old sandbox – in fact, it’s plotting a new update this December which will add another income stream to your portfolio.

Real estate agent Yusuf Amir, who you may remember from The Ballad of Gay Tony, will introduce you to the new activities. “With the help of his cousin Jamal, you’ll be charged with planning and executing intricate, high-stakes robberies under the cover of Red’s Auto Parts, a new purchasable salvage yard where you’ll call the shots,” a Rockstar Newswire post reveals.

This is all in addition to a bunch of other content, including some meaningful improvements on PS5, like the return of wildlife in Freemode. And in addition to crucial quality of life enhancements – like a streamlined Interaction Menu for starters – the developer promises there’s more to come this Christmas: “There will be new music, all-new holiday modes, additional experience improvements, updates to the creator tools, other festive surprises, and much more.”

Looks like we’ll all be spending one more winter in Los Santos, then, eh?