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Something conspicuous from GTA Online all these years is the unpredictable presence of wild animals, which the single-player base game Grand Theft Auto V shipped with back in 2013. An entire decade later, Rockstar has decided that now is the time for these caged beasts to unleash their furry fury, but curiously, only on PS5 and not on PC.

In a post, Rockstar revealed that animals, along with Drift Races, festive surprises, and a familiar face from Liberty City, would all appear in a December update. Wildlife will return to Freemode, meaning that all sorts of beautiful beasties will rove the Southern San Andreas landscape once it goes live.

PS5 players can also look forward to the ability to organise and manage vehicle collections more conveniently via the Interaction menu. GTA+ members will gain access to The Vinewood Club, an exclusive new vehicle storage facility with the capacity to hold 100 vehicles.

Are you looking forward to some entirely unscripted animal encounters in GTA Online? If you've been keeping up to date, what's the game's current state like? Let us know in the comments section below.