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Yesterday, we brought you word of a wonderfully insightful blog penned by former Rockstar Games technical director Obbe Vermeij, which reflected on his time at the studio as well as revealing delicious gamer tidbits to a ravenous audience. For example, we learned the fate of long-lost PS3 exclusive Agent in just a few short paragraphs, a game we've been reporting on for over a decade with very little new information.

All good things, alas, must come to an end, and the font of knowledge we could have had from Vermeij has suddenly, and we imagine quite pointedly, run dry. We noted yesterday that the original blog post had already been pulled, but Vermeij has since posted another update, explaining that Rockstar had seen the stories flying around and allegedly told him to shut it down. In a post titled "Sorry You Missed It", Vermeij writes:

"I got an email from R*North. Apparently some of the OGs there are upset by my blog. I genuinely didn't think anyone would mind me talking about 20-year-old games, but I was wrong. Something about ruining the Rockstar mystique or something."

Vermeij continues: "Anyway, this blog isn't important enough to me to piss off my former colleagues in Edinburgh, so I'm winding it down. I'll maybe just leave a few articles with anecdotes that don't affect anyone but me. I would love for Rockstar to open up about the development of the trilogy themselves, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen anytime soon. Maybe I'll try again in a decade or two.

We'll be waiting and ready to listen whenever he feels like talking again. Are you surprised at how quickly these Rockstar OGs reacted, or how fiercely they maintain the Rockstar "mystique"? Spill your beans in the comments section below.