Random: Yes, Netflix Really Is Getting GTA for Christmas 1

We reported earlier in the year that Netflix had big-brain ideas for the oft-overlooked gaming arm of its business, and here’s the bombshell: the streaming subscription will add all three entries from Rockstar’s remastered GTA Trilogy on 14th December. While not strictly PlayStation news in the purest sense, this is a potentially disruptive announcement for sure.

For those who don’t know, Netflix has offered mobile games as part of its iOS and Android apps for quite some time now, but this is its biggest addition yet. The latest versions of GTA 3, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas will all be available to members at no extra cost, as the company looks to retain subscribers by tacking on attractive value adds.

While GTA is obviously a huge name, it’s perhaps worth noting that Netflix already has some other pretty major titles under its umbrella: Spiritfarer, Dead Cells, and Kentucky Route Zero to name but a few. And next year it’ll add critically acclaimed indies Hades and Death’s Door to its library. This is unlikely to have any meaningful impact on Sony for the time being, but it’s certainly something for the firm to keep an eye on.

Indeed, gaming has never been more competitive, with more and more entities looking to penetrate the lucrative market. All of this means PlayStation needs to be at the absolute top of its game, because entertainment time is finite, and it’s up against some very powerful rivals these days.

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