The Game Awards air this week, and anticipation to see the year's big winners, as well as some exclusive game reveals, grows by the minute. Throwing kerosene on the flames of our hype is the official Geoff Keighley Hype Trailer, which our host with the most personally edited and released to a ravenous audience.

The Keighley Cut, as we're calling it, is almost three minutes long and shows some of 2023's biggest, best and most iconic moments from this year's gaming lineup, which will probably end up an all-time contender. Keighley describes the vibe he was going for: "It’s the story of the never-ending — yet optimistic — quest we go on in games, and in life, to conquer challenges to find a way forward, together."

How do you feel about the Keighley Cut? Did it succeed in stoking the secret hype that lives in the heart of every gamer? Let us know in the comments section below.