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In one of the more genuinely exciting teases ahead of the video game industry's night-of-nights, The Game Awards, SEGA is bringing a "new era, new energy" to the show, so much so the company sent out letters advertising the fact.

Ours must have gotten mixed up in the mail. Still, plenty of influencers and media types were sent a glossy letterhead, like Twitch streamer Curiousjoi and fighting game enthusiast Maximillian Dood (thanks, Nintendo Life), teasing... something at Keighley's show. A game, a bold new philosophy, a business strategy, or some combination of the above?

Considering the company's somewhat chaotic go of things lately, we'd hope this means less catastrophic business decisions generally from the company's C-suite. SEGA recently set fire to a mountain of cash after tasking its premiere real-time strategy studio, Creative Assembly, to chase the illusive live service pipe dream with Hyenas before cancelling the project entirely.

Hyenas reportedly boasted the most significant budget of any project in SEGA's long history, making its cancellation a severe blow, to say nothing of the resultant layoffs.

What are you hoping to see out of SEGA? What do you think this "new era, new energy" portends? Let us know in the comments section below.