The Game Awards Will Get Rid of Iconic World Premiere Banners 1

World premiere. You read those two words in the voice of The Game Awards’ now-iconic voiceover artist, didn’t you? But according to host Geoff Keighley, you won’t be hearing it this time around, as the organiser has tried to unify all of its announcements this year. In other words: it wants world-first trailers to stand side-by-side with deep dives, first looks, and so on.

“You’ll see this year, we often put up those cards, ‘world premiere, world premiere’,” he explained as part of a livestreamed Q&A with fans. “We’re kind of moving away from that, just because everything’s kind of, ‘is it a first look? Is it an announcement?’ So, we just treat it all as great game content.”

To us, this insinuates there may be fewer of those blockbuster moments, but Keighley insists that’s not the case. “I don’t know [if there will be the same number of world premieres as last year],” he continued. “I haven’t counted, honestly. I think around the same, but I don’t know. I don’t want to quote a number, because then it’s going to reverberate on the Internet. But it’s probably similar to past years in terms of the length of the show and content.”

In terms of duration, Keighley said that he tried to condense the show last year, but Chris Judge’s epic God of War Ragnarok acceptance speech ended up extended things. “It’s probably going to be similar to last year with a little bit shorter show,” he confirmed. This isn’t a bad thing, of course, because if there’s been one criticism we’ve had of The Game Awards, it’s that it’s simply been too long at times.

If you want to know When Is The Game Awards, then we have a guide that can help for your specific time zone. In the meantime, remember that the nominees are out and voting is live, so be sure to pick your favourites before it’s too late.