Fortnite Fans Are Miffed with Season 5's PS5, PS4 Item Shop 1

Now that Epic Games has tuned the pricing of its more expensive cosmetics, Fortnite fans are miffed at the rotation of the Item Shop itself. Ever since Season 5 rolled around, the developer has put a huge focus on its new games, including Fortnite Festival, LEGO Fortnite, and Rocket Racing. But this has come at the expense of interesting rotations.

It means that, aside from the awesome new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle skins, the Item Shop has been looking very samey for a few weeks now. It seems the developer is trying to spotlight the 1,200 skins which have LEGO alternatives, but this has left fans searching for scraps to spend their V-Bucks on. A rerun of the Rick & Morty, Jujutsu Kaisen, and My Hero Academia outfits has helped, but there’s been a lot of repetition of late.

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A casual glance at – a site which keeps track of each day’s Item Shop rotation, and allows users to rate them – reveals that almost 65k people “hated” today’s options, on 18th December. By comparison, less than 5k loved it. While we’ve noticed the votes on that particular site generally skew negative anyway, the ratio is rarely this bad.

Epic Games will probably want to freshen things up over the coming weeks, as a lot of kids will be getting V-Bucks for the holidays, and will be looking for something to spend them on. Looking at the leaks, there’s some good stuff on the way – but we’re mostly hoping some more popular series get a rerun over the holidays.