Fortnite is becoming much more than just Save the World and Battle Royale, and its transformation starts today as LEGO Fortnite goes live. Essentially a whole new game, it's now available to play — after you've downloaded the latest game update, that is.

LEGO Fortnite Is Available to Play Right Now, Watch the Gameplay Launch Trailer 2
Image: Push Square

When you boot up Fortnite, you'll be greeted with a launcher screen that lets you choose LEGO Fortnite or any of the other games and modes on offer. Once you've chosen the LEGO Fortnite portal, you can create a new randomly generated world and begin your survival crafting adventures. You can choose between Survival and Sandbox modes; the former has you gathering resources and fending off enemies, while the latter takes out the danger and lets you build whatever you want.

The new trailer, embedded above, gives you a good idea of what to expect. It really does look very similar to Minecraft in many ways, just with a LEGO skin. It should be good fun, especially in co-op.

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