LEGO Fortnite is launching later this week, bringing with it an entirely new open world experience within Epic Games’ unbeatable Battle Royale title. But what about the countless number of skins you’ve curated over the years? Is the developer going to force you to rebuy them in LEGO form? Well, no, because 1,200 existing outfits will be getting the toy treatment – free of charge!

This means many of the skins you already own will be converted automatically, and available to use immediately in the new mode. It’s worth noting that while 1,200 outfits is a lot, it doesn’t cover every single skin available in the game, so it’s possible a few of your favourites will be missing. But ultimately, you should have something to wear from your existing collection.

“LEGO Styles for Outfits you already own will be in your Locker automatically at no additional cost,” the official blurb reads. “The same applies to a number of existing Emotes you can use with the LEGO Styles of your Outfits.” This is an impressive inclusion from Epic Games, and it’s likely to make the new mode that little bit more enticing when it launches on 7th December.