The wait for Suikoden spiritual successor, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, has felt like an eternity, although in reality, it was only revealed in 2020. Regardless, the release of the successful Kickstarter project (fronted by former Suikoden developers) is finally on the horizon, out on 23rd April on PS5 and PS4, and in a new trailer, we get our most extensive look at the game yet.

The central conceit of the 100 recruitable party members looks to have been greatly expanded, with each getting bespoke voice acting and in-battle interactions with other characters. Hundred Heroes is shaping up to be an ambitious, classic-style JRPG replete with gorgeous pixel art characters set in expansive 3D environments. The combination of multiple combat systems (duels, party-based, and large-scale battles), unique combination attacks, and a home base to develop have us eagerly anticipating getting to grips with this one

Are you looking forward to Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes, or is this style of game not your cup of tea? Engage in true turn-based combat in the comments section below.