Devs Weigh in on 'Disgraceful' Insomniac Games Data Breach 1
Image: Push Square

A devastating Insomniac Games data breach has resulted in terabytes of confidential company information being shared online, including licensing contracts, development pipelines, and much more. Recognising the severity of the infiltration, a selection of high-profile studios have expressed solidarity with the Marvel’s Spider-Man studio.

Remedy, the Finnish firm behind Alan Wake 2, said the developer “doesn’t deserve this” in a statement. “Our sympathies to Insomniac Games and all the affected team members,” it wrote on Twitter. “After all the effort and dedication they have poured into their games, they didn't deserve this. No one does. The hackers also leaked employee's personal information, which is truly disgraceful and shameful.”

Neil Druckmann, the creator of The Last of Us and co-head of Naughty Dog, also chimed in: “To our friends at Insomniac Games, we can’t wait to experience your next games whenever you feel they’re ready. Until then, we’ll remain your patient fans!”

Last week, a hacker group revealed that it had obtained sensitive information from the Sony first-party studio, and attached a $2 million ransom to the data. Clearly a deadline passed, and that information was publicly uploaded to the Internet earlier this week. PlayStation has said it’s investigating the breach, but hasn’t provided an update yet.

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