Insomniac Hackers Allegedly Leak Terabytes of Internal Information 1

A week after a ransomware group alleged to have infiltrated Sony first-party Insomniac Games, leaked documents are allegedly beginning to emerge online. This follows on from apparent footage and concept art of the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine, which is still in development for PS5. The documents appear to outline the developer’s plans for the next decade and beyond.

According to CyberDaily, the leak amounts to 1.67 terabytes of data, spanning over 1.3 million files. It’s claimed that 98 per cent of the data has been leaked so far, suggesting the remaining two per cent may have been sold. It should be noted that among the data is personal information, including purported employee passport scans, internal emails, and confidential information, such as licensing contracts.

Much like with the Marvel’s Wolverine leak, considering the sensitive nature of the information here, and the seemingly illegal means of its acquisition, we won’t be sharing any of the details on Push Square. We’ll continue to monitor the situation, however, and anticipate a comment from both Sony and the developer later in the day.