The vast majority of Tekken 8's roster — at launch, at least — will comprise familiar faces, but Bandai Namco is throwing in a couple of newbies for good measure. We've already been introduced to the coffee-obsessed Azucena, and now, the publisher has revealed Victor Chevalier with the above trailer.

The French fighter appears to make use of some weaponry as part of his fighting style, as well as a mysterious teleporting ability. Additionally, he seems to be acquainted with Raven, remarking on how his skills have improved.

Victor is being voiced by French actor Vincent Cassel, who has a long list of credits. He's made appearances in Black Swan, Westworld, Ocean's Twelve, and many more.

We're due for one more character reveal in 10 days, on 12th November. What do you think of Victor Chevalier (and his cool luxury boat stage)? Let us know in the comments section below.