Alan Wake's insane, fourth-wall-breaking multimedia adventure continues, now wearing the skin of this official Alan Wake 2 music video. Herald of Darkness is the hot new single from the in-universe band Old Gods of Asgard, and the track recounts Alan's journey in the form of a warped rock opera. Beware, SPOILERS ABOUND in the over nine minutes of insanity developer Remedy has favoured us with.

The effort put into bringing one of the game's best moments to life is staggering, with standout performances from everyone involved. Indeed, we're becoming concerned about the ever-growing cult of personality forming (potentially bending reality) around Remedy director and, quite frankly, the true star of Alan Wake 2, Sam Lake. He's wildly charismatic, talented, surreal, and, as we've all learned, an excellent dancer.

Official Old Gods of Asgard, also known as the Poets of the Fall, music and merchandise can be found here. What do you think of Herald of Darkness? Form an orderly mosh pit in the comments section below.