Alan Wake 2 PS5

Alan Wake 2 is currently blowing minds and Metacritic scores, with the tortured sequel quickly jumping to the top of many players' personal GOTY lists. As more and more roll credits, evidence of what precisely this "alternative narrative" developer Remedy Entertainment teased for the titles New Game Plus mode have begun to emerge.

In a since-deleted post on Reddit viewed by Eurogamer and Insider Gaming, post-game and DLC videos were seemingly gleaned from the game's backend. Without spoilers, one in particular recontextualises the game's final scene. Others further tie Alan Wake 2 to the larger Remedy Connected Universe in instructional videos featuring a charismatic doctor made famous in 2019's Control.

Renedy has previously confirmed that Alan Wake 2 will receive two expansions in the form of Night Springs, expected in late spring 2024, and The Lakehouse, which is yet to be dated. New Game Plus will be added in a future update, "exact release timing still TBD".

Have you seen Alan Wake 2 through to the bitter end? Would you savour the opportunity to play through it again, or is it something you'd rather check out on YouTube? Let us know in the comments section below.

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