Alan Wake 2 PS5

Another PS5 patch has just gone live for Alan Wake 2, introducing over 200 improvements and bug fixes to the game. It is available to download now, bringing the title up to version number 1.000.008. A complete roundup of all the changes and additions can be found on the official Alan Wake website.

The top-level changes made in this PS5 patch are as follows:

  • Various localization fixes, such as improved subtitle timings for all languages
  • Improved localized audio for live-action cinematics
  • Various audio-related improvements and additional polish
  • Improved lip sync in some instances
  • Fixed various graphical issues in the environments
  • Fixed various minor issues in cinematics
  • Minor improvements to image aliasing in Performance mode and Xbox Series S
  • Improved lighting
  • Fixed lighting bugs in multiple locations
  • Various UI-related fixes and additional polish
  • Various gameplay fixes and improvements
  • Minor gameplay fine-tuning
  • Improved auto-aim for specific circumstances
  • Fixed rare player character animation issues
  • Fixed various issues in the Case Board
  • Fixed various map issues
  • Several conversations failing to trigger and thus blocking progress later have been fixed
  • Fixed Rose’s dialogue choices, sometimes not being selectable, blocking progress
  • Fixed a rare issue with Saga’s lines not playing when going to the Sheriff’s Station, blocking progress
  • Resolved a potential problem in the player getting stuck in a Case Board Tutorial
  • Fixed exploration rewards for Lighthouse

We awarded a very rare 10/10 rating in our Alan Wake 2 PS5 review, and never had any bugs or glitches to complain about. As such, this patch works to enhance the experience for anyone encountering issues. Has a problem you've encountered been fixed by this update? Let us know in the comments below.