PS5's Install Base Closes on 50 Million As Sony Gets Increasingly Aggressive 1
Image: Push Square

Sony is making up for lost time. With the PS5 heavily affected by post-pandemic stock shortages, the Japanese giant is trying to catch up to the PS4’s sales – and overtake them. It’s a feat it’ll likely achieve over the holidays, as a 4.9 million units quarter has put it just one million units behind its previous console when launch aligned. As of 30th September, the new-gen console’s shipments have topped 46.6 million units.

But the company is thinking big this fiscal year, and it aims to sell 25 million units, which means it’s still got 16.8 million units to go. That means it’s going to need an absolutely enormous, unprecedented, third quarter – it’ll likely need to sell 12 to 13 million units if it hopes to achieve its goal. Obviously, it’s currently flooding the market with its new hardware model, which it’s bundling with big games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Black Friday is going to need to be massive for the console, then. It’ll be interesting to see whether it can achieve its goals, and where that will leave its competition. We know that in countries like France, the PS5 is outselling the Xbox Series X|S by a ratio of almost 90 per cent, and similar trends are likely to be occurring all around the world.