After recording the division's best-ever Q4 revenue period, Sony is only aiming higher when it comes to PlayStation. For the coming fiscal year (April 2023-March 2024), it estimates shipments of 25 million PS5 consoles, which would be the highest ever for any PlayStation console in history should it achieve it. The total number of PS5s to hit store shelves would then increase to 63.4 million.

Across the same time period, PS4 managed roughly 60 million units, so PS5 would be outpacing the last-gen console at that point. It's possible Sony may well hit the target too, as it managed to ship 19.1 million systems in the fiscal year just done. And that included a period in the beginning when PS5 Stock was still constrained. With stock now free-flowing, though, the estimate doesn't seem completely unrealistic.

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