PS5 Is Now Above PS4 in USA, While Its New-Gen Rival Flounders 1
Image: Push Square

After the severe disruption of the post-pandemic semi-conductor shortage, enormous credit must be levelled at Sony for rebounding in such an impressive way. According to lifetime Circana sales data shared by analyst Mat Piscatella, the PS5 is now nine per cent above the PS4 launch aligned, accurate as of 28th October, 2023. That gap is likely to grow throughout the holiday with the release of the console’s new hardware revision.

Meanwhile, the Japanese giant’s nearest rival Microsoft is struggling. While the PS5 is trending above the PS4, the Xbox Series X|S is actually 11 per cent down on Xbox One. Considering the Redmond firm largely regards its previous platform as a failure, these are eye-opening statistics. Moreover, it’s worth reiterating that this is the situation in the United States, where the Xbox brand is strongest – in countries like France, Sony is closing on 90 per cent market share against its nearest rival.

The numbers will make for sobering reading for the top brass at Xbox, who were banking on a combination of Game Pass and unprecedented first-party acquisitions to help improve the system’s situation. It’s going to be interesting to see if it can arrest further declines this holiday, or if it’s on a bit of a downward spiral at this point.