Sorry Xbox, But Even PS Portal Is Outselling You in Spain 1
Image: Push Square

Xbox isn’t exactly lighting up the sales charts at the momentespecially in Europe. It’s been a bit of a washout this year in countries like France and Germany, where Sony has seen PS5 sales explode by up to 143 per cent – while in October the Redmond firm witnessed a year-over-year decline of an extraordinary 52 per cent.

We know that in some countries on the continent, the Japanese giant is closing on 90 per cent market share against its rival – and in Spain, the Xbox Series X|S was even outsold by PS5’s handheld accessory the PS Portal during the week ending 19th November. It’s perhaps worth noting this was the portable’s launch, so it’s unlikely the feat will be repeated again.

But with the streaming system registering sales of 5,700 units, it handily defeated Microsoft’s tally of 2,000 consoles sold. To put things into perspective, during the same week, the PS5 sold 32,000 units and the Nintendo Switch managed 6,000 units. Obviously, the latter is nearing the end of its lifespan, but the former actually enjoyed its best week since launch.

With the release of the PS5 Slim and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Sony is really cooking right now, as it looks to aggressively overtake the PS4 install base when launch aligned. Should it achieve its targets, this will be an impressive achievement – especially when you consider the manufacturer has spent the bulk of the generation so far hamstrung by unprecedented stock shortages.