PS5 Sales Europe
Image: Push Square

There's only one console seeing continued commercial growth in Europe right now, and it's the PS5. Sony's current-gen system posted yet more impressive numbers last month, with sales up an eye-watering 143% over October 2022 (as per Games Industry). Of course, this is partly down to the fact that the PS5 still had stock issues this time last year — which have now been resolved — but it's important to note that even then, the console was doing incredibly well for itself.

PlayStation's direct competition, meanwhile, continues to fall off in European territories. The Nintendo Switch, which is obviously closing in on its seventh birthday, was the continent's second best selling system for October — but sales were down 20%.

The Xbox Series X and S, meanwhile, have lost significant ground. Europe's never been Xbox's main market, but Microsoft's current systems just can't seem get any kind of foothold, with sales dropping by 52% year-on-year. It's a fairly shocking statistic when compared to the PS5's 143% sales surge, and it's starting to look like this generation will remain completely one-sided in terms of European success (although Nintendo's next console is bound to have an impact when it eventually arrives).

What do you make of Europe's console trends? Did you think the PS5 would be such a hit at this point? Wonder what's next in the comments section below.