Earlier this week, a tease from PlayStation Japan had people speculating over some kind of secret announcement β€” but as we pointed out in our news coverage, the company was just hinting at a collaboration with popular Japanese band King Gnu. As it turns out, though, this promotion is actually a much bigger deal than we expected it to be.

Indeed, this is the launch of a brand new PlayStation marketing campaign in Japan, and it sounds like Sony's spent a fortune on it. The four members of King Gnu feature in a crazy new ad for the PS5 (you can watch that above), and the band's even written a new song, called ):Asura:(, that'll be used as part of the campaign.

But that's not all. The Japanese PlayStation Blog reveals a largescale marketing push across Shibuya β€” one of Tokyo's busiest commercial districts. Special PlayStation x King Gnu graphics will be shown at 20 different locations, and the aforementioned videos will be displayed in front of Shibuya's main station.

With the release of the smaller, 'Slim' PS5 model, we suppose a renewed marketing campaign like this makes a lot of sense. The current-gen system is back on top of the hardware charts in Japan, and with the holiday season coming up, Sony will want to maintain its momentum. It's also worth reiterating that early 2024's release schedule is stacked with high profile Japanese games, so this could be a big few months for PlayStation in its home nation.

Can you see PlayStation's hot streak continuing in Japan over the coming months? Predict a whole country's buying habits in the comments section below.

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