PlayStation Japan Tease

Social media does your head in sometimes, doesn't it? One innocent post can be enough to make people lose their minds and immediately spiral off into extreme speculation. And unfortunately, that's just starting to happen with PlayStation Japan's latest tweet, which features a teaser for something on the 23rd November.

The ten-second video shows the four PlayStation symbols, followed by a roughly-drawn crown. It's happening!

Sadly, nothing's happening. Or at least, nothing that will concern most of the people reading this article. The crown is a reference to respected Japanese band King Gnu, who posted the same teaser on their own account. Mystery solved!

It's assumed, then, that this will be some kind of Japanese-facing collaboration between PlayStation and King Gnu. It'll probably be cool — like one of those montage ads PlayStation Japan's so fond of doing — but it definitely ain't the surprise PlayStation showcase we've somehow seen people suggesting on social media.

We suppose that this is, once again, an example of Sony's much-criticised silence pushing people to completely jump the gun. Let's just hope that PlayStation has something to show on the first-party games front in the relatively near future.

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