PlayStation's Mobile Games Studio Rebrands Following Multiple Departures 1
Image: Push Square

It's often forgotten about, but part of Sony's long-term plan is to establish itself in the mobile gaming space. a PlayStation Mobile Studios division exists, and back in 2022, the company acquired Savage Game Studios as its first sizeable, dedicated mobile developer. The team has been making a "new unannounced AAA mobile live service action game", but it seems things haven't been all smooth sailing so far.

As reported by Mobile Gamer, Savage Game Studios has gone through a complete rebrand in the wake of several key team members leaving the studio. It's now named Neon Koi, "a new identity that better aligns with our vision for the future", the team said on LinkedIn. "Neon Koi represents our culture and the passions of our game project."

As mentioned, this new name and look comes following three executives resigning from key roles. Nicola Sebastiani was head of mobile at PlayStation but left in June of this year to pursue another opportunity. Since then, managing director and co-founder Michail Katkoff left in July, and general manager Sophie Vo exited in September to focus on her consultancy business.

Obviously, others have risen up to take on those responsibilities. Head of technology Mike McManus and co-founder and game director Nadjim Adjir are heading up Neon Koi, which has two locations in Berlin and Helsinki.

There's not much known at all about the studio's debut project, but hopefully it won't be too much longer before we can learn more.

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