Persona 5 Tactica is currently gearing up for its 17th November tactical insertion onto PS5 and PS4. To hold us over, we got another Xbox-flavoured trailer (this time showcasing battle gameplay), which features some exciting additions and innovations even veterans of SRPGs might find interesting.

Baton Passes are making the jump, just as they are to the upcoming Persona 3 Reload, although they work differently here. Instead of allowing one character to take a turn in another's place, it's now used to swap in reserve party members when someone is downed. Triple Threats, meanwhile, are Tactica's take on the All-Out Attack and look really cool in action. Provided you can steal a march on your foes by outmanoeuvring and encircling a group of them, you can inflict massive additional damage.

Persona 5 Tactica might just be a refreshing change of pace for Persona fans while remaining faithful to the core game. While it feels like we've been drowning in Persona 5 releases, re-releases, and spinoffs ever since 2016, Tactica could presage a new age of tactical Persona outings in the same way the Dancing spinoff series did with rhythm mechanics, and that's something we could get behind.

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