PS5 Profile Shared Push Square

Sony's decision to withdraw Twitter integration from the PS5 console has had a knock-on effect: the Shared tab on your PS5 Profile has been rendered effectively useless. Beforehand, this page would list the videos and screenshots you've posted to the social media site over the years. Now, it's a blank screen saying "media you've shared publicly will appear here", except such media never will as it's no longer possible to share it anywhere except for your friends' groups on the system itself.

This section of the PS5 Profile was actually displaying our shared captures last night, but the functionality is completely gone now as Twitter integration is pulled from the machine. This was an issue we highlighted when Sony confirmed the decision, so it'll be interesting to see if it simply removes the tab from your PS5 Profile altogether, or does something else with it. You can still post your screenshots to Twitter, but you must now do it either via the PS App on your phone or by saving them first to a USB drive and then uploading them to a PC.

An official Twitter account stated the social site has reached out to Sony to explore new integrations that could include live streaming, but we imagine that's not something that could be sorted in a matter of days. So, for now at least, the Shared tab on your PS5 Profile sits there obsolete. Maybe it'll find a new use further down the line.