PS5 Twitter Push Square

Sony said it would be ripping the functionality out of its current-gen system, but the move was actually made a day later than planned as the PS5's integration with Twitter is no longer online. Planned to take place yesterday, you were actually still able to share screenshots and videos to the social media site as late as yesterday evening UK time, but having taken another look this morning and checked, the Twitter icon is no longer present in the PS5 UI.

Now, when you select the Share option from your machine, all you will be able to do is send the screenshot or video to a friend's group on your PS5. Twitter owner Elon Musk said last week he was going to "look into" the situation, but if he's attempted any peace talks over increased API costs since then, they clearly haven't worked out.

Despite the now lack of direct integration, you can still get your PS5 captures onto Twitter; it just requires a few extra steps. You can use the PS App to download your screenshots and then upload them onto the site, or use a USB drive to perform the same transfer on a PC. Will you miss easily sharing your favourite PS5 captures straight from the console? Let us know in the comments below.