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Now that the initial rush induced by the release of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has begun to wear off, players have had time to kick the tyres of Insomniac's open-world epic and unearth its secrets. A missing law firm, comments made by Insomniac leadership, and a bookshop decked out like an armoury have sparked inevitable DLC speculation.

We'll get into the entire sordid affair below, but just so we're all on the same page, YouTuber Caboose walks us through where to find the bookstore and how to see inside below:

Previously in Marvel's Spider-Man and Miles Morales, players discovered an easter egg, a plaque in Hell's Kitchen advertising the services of the Nelson & Murdoch law firm. In Marvel's Spider-Man 2, the plaque remains but is now blank, implying that Daredevil and company have relocated elsewhere. IGN recently brought this up with Insomniac senior creative director Brian Intihar, whose coy response certainly gets our own Spidey-sense tingling: "That's a good question. Stay tuned. Good find, though."

In the above bookshop, we can see various symbols, swords, skulls, and firearms, as well as items of seemingly occult nature. A large red flag flies above the store, and a prominent but mysterious symbol is emblazoned above the garage. It's been theorised that Insomniac intends to introduce The Hand, an order of evil mystical ninjas and that prominent symbol, their updated emblem. Between this and the Intihar comments, some believe this points towards a Daredevil crossover, as Matt Murdoch has the most experience in punching them. The Hand featured in season 2 of Neflix's excellent Daredevil series.

The Doctor Strange connection is more nebulous, mostly hinging on the fact that a symbol that kind of looks like that on Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum window is partially visible behind a bookshelf. This, along with the occult symbolism and Wong referencing the Sorcerer Supreme in a sidequest, has led some to believe that Strange could appear at some stage.

Do you think any of this could point to potential DLC? What would you like to see from Insomniac, if anything, in terms of continued support? Let us know in the comments section below.

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