HoYoverse is continuing to expand upon Genshin Impact’s recently added Hydro region Fontaine, and the release’s upcoming v4.2 update – dubbed Masquerade of the Guilty – will see new underwater regions incorporated. Crucially, it’ll plot the arrival of the Hydro Archon, Furina, a five-star sword wielder whose Elemental Skill will allow her to toggle between offensive or healing capabilities.

She’ll headline the release’s latest banners, alongside Cryo catalyst user Charlotte, who’s been glimpsed in previous events. “As a reporter, Charlotte integrates photography with combat with her custom Kamera Monsieur Verite, and she can also provide healing and Cryo damage within a field,” the press release reads. The pair will be flanked by Baizhu’s rerun, with Cyno and Kamisato Ayato coming in the update’s second half.

The newcomers will launch alongside a new Archon Quest, as well as a fresh weekly boss named the All-Devouring Narwhal. Elsewhere, as previously mentioned, Fontaine will continue to expand eastwards to Erinnyes Forest and Morte Region, where new adventures will await. Specifically, the Traveller will meet a clockwork penguin named Thelxie, who will introduce new minigames and activities.

This is all in addition to brand new combat challenges, an in-game photography competition, and various other tweaks and improvements. With the update scheduled to release on 8th November, you won’t have to wait long to sink your teeth into all this. Will you be pulling for Furina? Let us know in the comments section below.