Music producer and orchestral composer extraordinaire, Alex Moukala, has done it again, arranging a powerful cover of the Final Fantasy XIV track "Close in the Distance" that features 1400 vocalists, 1000 of which are contributors from the game's community.

It even features famous guest contributors like Susan Calloway, who performs as a vocalist on the official Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert albums and tours.

It's pretty incredible stuff and a testament to the strength and passion of the Final Fantasy XIV community. Moukala thanked everyone who made the feat possible in a thread on Twitter:

Moukala has an incredible range, and if you haven't seen his Elden Ring Theme in 15 Styles, then you really should.

In other Final Fantasy XIV news, simulated farming is coming to the MMO as a part of Patch 6.2 Buried Memory.

What do you think of this vocal arrangement? What is your favourite fan cover of a video game track? Sing us a song in the comments section below.

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