Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Writer

Remaking a truly beloved Final Fantasy game can't be easy to begin with, so the last thing the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth development team needs is borderline harassment from obsessive fans. Veteran series writer Kazushige Nojima, who's a scenario writer on Rebirth, has taken to Twitter in order to highlight the distasteful messages that he's been receiving.

"Every character is written with love. You're free to have any opinions or thoughts, but please stop sending me comments like I should delete that character or even kill them. I don't want to block or mute too much, and I don't want to lock [my account]," writes Nojima.

While we can certainly understand being passionate about the direction of a game like Rebirth, this is obviously a bit much. We can't imagine a world where the second instalment in the Remake trilogy keeps everyone happy — hell, opinions on the first game can be divisive enough — but as always, having a go at actual people via the magic of social media is a step too far.

Are you looking forward to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? Do you have any predictions for where the story's heading? Please don't talk about killing off characters in the comments section below.

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