Final Fantasy VII Rebirth PS5 PlayStation

As we inch ever closer to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's inevitable 29th February release on PS5, a clearer picture of what kind of game it will be begins to emerge. According to the title's newly published ESRB summary, a character will utter the line: "Just admit it. You're obviously captivated by my bodacious beach bod." Any guesses as to who?

We love how these things are worded, as they have to reduce legendary, immortal video game stories and characters into a single sentence. Rebirth is an "action role-playing game in which players follow the story of a mercenary (Cloud Strife) on a quest to save the planet from evil", for example.

The descriptions of the violence involved certainly point towards iconic moments: "Cutscenes depict further instances of violence, sometimes with splatters/pools of blood: characters impaled or slashed by swords, sometimes with slow-motion effects; an assassin throwing a spinning blade at a targeted figure; characters shot by soldiers."

Unsurprisingly: "Some female characters are designed with revealing outfits (e.g., deep cleavage); suggestive dialogue sometimes accompanies camera panning/close-ups of characters’ bodies/outfits." Considering the sunny resort destination of Costa del Sol is on the itinerary, we wouldn't be surprised if Square Enix decided to explore the lucrative world of swimwear DLC.

It also sounds like there will be some opportunity to unwind with the gang, as "the game contains some alcohol content: as Cloud, players can drink a version of moonshine while at a bar; cutscenes sometimes feature drunk characters slurring their speech". Finally, the last content warning almost certainly concerns Barrett and/or Cid, consisting of "a handful of scenes depict characters smoking cigars or out of hookahs. The words “sh*t,” “a*shole,” and “pr*ck” appear in the game."

Are you excited for a more mature look at the world of Final Fantasy VII? Which party member, in your opinion, owns a captivating beach body? Let us know in the comments section below.