Beginning life first as a meme, borne out of desperate longing for anything remotely Bloodborne-related, the stellar-looking fan-made Bloodborne Kart finally has a release date. Obviously, this one isn't coming to PlayStation, but it will be available via the PC indie platform, where it will likely run on anything with a motherboard, launching on 31st January 2024.

Featuring 12 unique racers, 16 maps, a full single-player-campaign mode, insane-looking boss fights, local split-screen multiplayer, and a VS battle mode, it's safe to say the full and darkly beautiful realisation of this dream is more substantial than we could have ever imagined. Largely the work of PSX Bunlith, AKA Lillith Walther, if we lived in a just world, this incredible project would be snapped up by FromSoftware and released to the masses.

Alas, as is always the case with these kinds of things, fan-made projects can be destroyed in a heartbeat if the IP holder so wishes. Speaking to Kotaku, Walther said of that possibility: “The nervousness over the project getting taken down is always present, but there isn’t anything I can do about it except hope it doesn’t happen. If it happens, it happens.”

What do you think of Bloodborne Kart? How quickly would you snap it up if it ever came to PlayStation? Wake from this endless nightmare in the comments section below.