Gehrman Bloodborne Kart

Remember that awesome PSX-style Bloodborne demake? Well, work continues on its spiritual successor, the slam-dunk concept that is Bloodborne Kart. Today we bring you a sneak peek at Gherman, the First Hunter himself, raising hell on the track, and it's a sight to behold.

Developer Lilith Walter has shared the in-progress look at the project, which incorporates iconic audio clips from the game that make us wonder what is going on with the whole Bloodborne situation, and why don't we have a sequel already, darn it.

It's almost guaranteed that this project will remain PC only, but it makes the Hunters Dream-like state of limbo that we currently exist in slightly more bearable, if only for a moment. You can check out some more Bloodborne Kart action below.

What do you think of Gehrman in Bloodborne Kart? Will we ever see a true Bloodborne successor? Fear the Old Blood in the comments section below.

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