A little while ago, one game dev — Lilith Walther — took it upon herself to create Bloodborne PSX, a brilliant demake of the beloved FromSoftware title. Though only available on PC, seeing the game scaled down to take on the look and feel of a PS1 game is a real treat. However, this isn't the only fan project up the developer's sleeve: she's just announced Bloodborne Kart.

A long-running joke among the Souls community is a kart racer set in the dismal streets of Yharnam, and Walther is delivering on that dream with a PS1-esque game. We only have a teaser trailer (above) to go on right now, but it's already wonderful, so we're very curious to see the game itself when it's ready.

Of course, Bloodborne Kart will likely only see the light of day on PC; releasing a fan-made kart racer of Bloodborne on PlayStation would be complicated, to say the least. Still, you've got to admire the dedication — we're excited to see the finished work.

[source twitter.com, via eurogamer.net]