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Several unannounced Gearbox Software games were revealed over the weekend, not because of loose lips or backend scraping but via the ever-reliable route of a prematurely updated LinkedIn profile.

As reported by Eurogamer, a former technical director who worked at Gearbox support studio Lost Boys referenced the existence of Borderlands 4, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands 2, and a new entry in the Brothers in Arms franchise in a since-deleted LinkedIn post.

None of these titles is shocking and makes a lot of sense. Gearbox has previously said players should expect another Tiny Tina game, and CEO Randy Pitchford acknowledged the existence of a new Brothers in Arms game. However, it hasn't been formally announced. And did anyone think there wouldn't be another Borderlands game? We might see the reveal of one or even some of these titles at The Game Awards.

Gearbox is owned by the embattled Embracer Group, which is reportedly interested in selling the studio. IGN's sources suggest Embracer has struggled to find a buyer willing to pay the asking price.

Image: LinkedIn

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