Dragon's Dogma 2 PS5 PlayStation

Anticipation is high for Dragon's Dogma 2, the awe-inspiring sequel to Capcom's cult classic action RPG, Dragon's Dogma. But punters had best be prepared to pay a premium: the PS5 standard edition will retail for $70 / £60, the first time the company has charged what is becoming industry standard for AAA products, and certainly won't be the last.

The news comes to us through Capcom's recent Dragon's Dogma 2 showcase, where we learned of the game's premium price point and its 22nd March release date on PS5. Deluxe game editions will also be offered for $80 / £70. We would expect that the company's mysterious "major" unannounced title, which is expected to shift millions of units, will likely also bear this proud new price tag, as would the company's other flagship IP, like Monster Hunter and Resident Evil, moving forward.

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What do you think of this bold move for Capcom? Are you willing to pony up for premium games? Let us know in the comments section below.

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