Crisis Core Remake Leads New Batch of PS Plus Premium Game Trials 1
Image: Push Square

While the recent price hike for PS Plus has left a lot of PlayStation users feeling cold, there's still a lot of value to be found within each tier. PS Plus Premium is probably the least attractive, as the benefits over PS Plus Extra are somewhat limited, but the Game Trials perk is certainly a nice value-add. Recently, the list of games offering a time-limited demo has grown quite a lot, so we thought it'd be worth highlighting.

The full list of PS Plus Premium Game Trials can be found through the link, but a recent batch has bumped up the total number. Here's a list of the newest additions:

To recap, Game Trials allow PS Plus Premium members to download a full game and then play for a predetermined amount of time. Most games offer one or two hours of playtime, but it varies. If you decide to buy the game, your progress carries over.

While there are some games in here we'd not even heard of before, there are some nice highlights too. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is probably the best of the bunch here, but we can also vouch for Sifu, Wizard with a Gun, and Evil West — all certainly worth taking for a spin with the Game Trial feature.

Will you be taking a look at any of these Game Trials on PS Plus Premium? Let us know in the comments section below.