More than three years after its original announcement, Braid: Anniversary Edition has resurfaced with a confirmed PS5, PS4 release date of 30th April 2024. You can catch a new trailer above, with this version described as a reimagining that preserves "the fundamental integrity of the original release".

The anniversary edition will come packaged with a whole host of bonus features, which include "improved sound and new mixes and variants of the soundtrack", graphics that have been repainted by hand, extra and smoother animation frames, and the ability to swap between the original game and the updated version on the fly. There'll also be over 15 hours of developer commentary to listen to featuring Jonathon Blow, Marc ten Bosch, Brian Moriarty, and more.

It's this developer commentary that's pitched as the reason to return to Braid as it contains insight into "puzzle design, programming, visual art, math, the history of independent games and many other topics of interest to both fans and aspiring game designers alike". In a press release, Jonathon Blow said the goal was to create the "craziest, most in-depth" developer commentary in a game.

He added: "You can follow particular threads of commentary spatially, through wormholes that go from level to level to see evolutions of particular concepts; the commentary has lots of markup so we can circle stuff on the screen, point arrows at whatever visual detail we are talking about, show diagrams, play back recordings of gameplay to show what happens if you try doing this or that in a particular level, and many other capabilities."

First released for PS3 in 2009, Braid was one of the earliest indie hits, and paved the way for PS4 wonder The Witness. It's still considered a fantastic puzzler more than a decade later, with PS5, PS4 players handed the chance to experience it once more in a new light. Will you be doing so in April 2024? Let us know in the comments below.