Destiny 2 The Witcher 3 Crossover Cosmetics

We'll admit, it's been quite some time since we wrote anything genuinely positive about Destiny 2, but we're willing to give it up for this newly revealed crossover. Bungie's teamed with CD Projekt Red to craft some really cool looking cosmetics based on The Witcher 3, which decks out Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters in armour that resembles Geralt's various Witcher gear sets.

The obvious catch is that these cosmetics will probably be sold to you for a small fortune through Destiny 2's microtransaction store. The press release clarifies that you'll be able to get "armor ornaments, a Ghost shell, ship, Sparrow, emote, and finisher".

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The Witcher-inspired stuff will be available when the game's next season, Season of the Wish, goes live on the 28th November.

Are you still playing Destiny 2? Might you be jumping back in for the upcoming season, or maybe even these cosmetics? Complain about portals in the comments section below.