Star Wars Outlaws Delay

It wowed a lot of people with its full reveal back in June, but it sounds like Star Wars Outlaws won't be making the jump to PS5 in early 2024 after all. To be clear, the open world title was never given a firm release date, but publisher Ubisoft had it pencilled in for this fiscal year. In other words, it was targeting — at least internally — a launch before April 2024.

The company's latest financial report doesn't mention Star Wars Outlaws by name, but it does confirm that a "large game" has been delayed into fiscal year 24-25, in order to "maximise its value creation". It's very, very likely that the report is referring to Outlaws, given that Ubisoft doesn't have any other blockbusters slated for the current fiscal period.

But to be totally honest, this is probably a good thing. As we keep mentioning, the early 2024 release schedule is absolutely packed right now — so why not push Outlaws back a bit and let everything breathe? Having said that, we were never totally sold on the game hitting before April anyway. We've neither seen nor heard from Outlaws in months, and you can bet that the marketing push for this thing will be huge.

Were you expecting Star Wars Outlaws to arrive in early 2024, or was it always unlikely? Don't miss those blaster shots in the comments section below.