Ubisoft has debuted an enormous 10 minute gameplay demo of Star Wars Outlaws, and it looks legitimately incredible. The demo starts out by introducing protagonist Kay Vess and her adorable companion Nix, as the pair sneak out of a restricted area with an important relic. You can order Nix to assist you, as demonstrated in the beginning of the demo.

Eventually things go afoul, and a gunfight breaks out. Kay jumps on a Speeder and escapes into the open world, but not before an intense chase takes place. Later, the heroine is added to an intergalactic wanted list, and so she takes to the sky, No Man’s Sky-style, before engaging in a little more space combat.

This was easily one of the best demonstrations of the week, illustrating pretty tremendous scale and ambition. Whether developer Massive Entertainment can stick the landing is up for debate, and we’re still a little concerned by the letterboxed perspective, but overall we’re incredibly impressed by this first showing.

[source youtube.com]