To get the scariest month started off right, Capcom has revealed the Spooky Party Fighting Pass for Street Fighter 6, with free and premium unlocks for prospective pugilists to dress their avatars up in. The event kicks off nice and early (today) with some supposedly scary skins, Fighter Coins, and photo frames to unlock.

A spooky poem was also provided, which we're certain a Capcom employee poured their entire heart and soul into. It perfectly captures the essence of the Spooky Party Fighting Pass spirit, eloquently describes what the event entails, and even manages to rhyme:

"A cat, a zombie, a clown, or a toy,
Dress your avatar up in this outfit for joy,
The Spooky Party Fighting Pass begins tonight,
Get cosmetic items to deepen the fright."

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What do you think of the Spooky Party Fighting Pass and, more generally, of Street Fighter 6? Don your protective catsuit and prepare to fight in the comments section below.