Street Fighter 6’s first Character Pass is coming quicker than we initially anticipated, with the oddball A.K.I. arriving as early as 27th September. Capcom fully detailed the character with a huge trailer and PlayStation Blog post overnight, confirming that the slithery individual is able to inject poison into enemies who dare to stand too close to her. Consider her a new type of Poison, then, eh?

As longtime franchise fans will already be aware, A.K.I. is a new character, although she serves F.A.N.G. who many of you will remember from Street Fighter 5. As with other characters in Street Fighter 6, she’ll be integrated into World Tour mode, where you’ll find her hanging out in a new area named Tian Hong Yuan, seemingly inspired by Chun-Li’s stage from the main game.

AKI Street Fighter 6 Announcements Trailers 1

A.K.I.’s animations are distinctly snake-like, as she slithers across the floor to close spaces. It’s perhaps no surprise that she’s wearing a snake-skin Chinese dress, then, and her hair is inspired by the Japanese symbol for an assassin. As you’d expect, A.K.I. can poison enemies, causing their vitality to deplete over time – but the effect only remains as long as she avoids getting hit.

In addition to poisoning enemies directly, the newcomer can also use projectiles to infect them from afar – and place puddles of deadly liquid on the floor. And yes, she’s a contortionist, so she can wrap up her prey and squeeze the life out of them if she needs. All in all, she’s looking like a really interesting addition, and a new Fighter Pass will get underway from 1st September to prepare you for her arrival.