Capcom has revealed early artwork of new outfits for four Street Fighter 6 characters, and we reckon Juri’s onesie is going to make the Japanese publisher a lot of money. In truth, all four options are great additions: we’ve got Guile looking like he’s about to visit and country and western festival, Marisa in her wedding attire, and Dee Jay in a sharp 70s-style suit.

There’s some really great detail on all of the outfits: Dee Jay’s smart watch, for example, shows that he’s listening to one of his own songs. And obviously, Marisa’s headdress is genius: it’s a tiara that transforms her hair into a traditional Roman galea. We’re also amused by Guile’s tied-back hair – it’s odd seeing his locks not hair sprayed up to the sky.

But it’s Juri’s pyjamas that are clearly going to be the money maker for Capcom here. To be fair, the outfit is so utterly ridiculous that we love it: we’re especially fond of the holes in the hood to allow her pigtails to pop out. Are you finding any of these outfits enticing enough to prompt you to part with your Fight Money? Cosplay in the comments section below.