Spider-Man 2 PS5 Will Empower You to Make the Swinging Much Tougher 1

If you’re an experienced web head in need of a greater challenge, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will enable you to up the difficulty significantly. Among the game’s suite of accessibility options, Insomniac Games has incorporated a setting which will actually make the sequel more difficult overall – a Swing Assistance slider.

Director of Community and Marketing James Stevenson explained that this defaults to its highest setting (10) when you boot the follow-up, which puts it on par with its predecessors. However, adventurous web slingers can lower the level of assistance, thus requiring more precision when swinging through the streets of Manhattan and beyond.

Obviously, we’ll need to test this thoroughly to understand exactly how it changes the experience, but we’re assuming you’ll need a lot more finesse on the analogue stick to navigate tight spaces without scraping the walls. This should add an additional layer of challenge for those in search of one, which is always appreciated as an optional extra.

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