Sam Lake
Image: Sam Lake

Creative director and both the literal and figurative face of Remedy Entertainment, Sam Lake, is fresh off the release of Alan Wake 2 and is already looking ahead to what comes next. In typical fashion, it's just about the last thing you'd expect.

Capping off an extensive and wide-ranging interview with the impeccably groomed GQ magazine, which touches upon Lake's life, inspirations, and tidbits like where he gets those beautiful suits (Sauma, a tailor in Helsinki), the conversation returns to an earlier question. Lake laconically says: "So back to your question, 'Would I ever do anything else?' Yeah. I'm still thinking that I will. There will be a time when I retire. It's just that… this has all been so engaging."

Lake muses that he still has other stories he wants to tell, tales left untold, like "one was this crazy, huge-budget, dark gothic fantasy, which I haven't used for anything yet..."

Would you be on board to explore a dark fantasy universe penned by Sam Lake and developed by a Remedy Entertainment at the height of its dark powers? Keep the light alive in the comments section below.