Alan Wake 2 draws ever closer, with its 27th October release now visible on the horizon. As such, we'll likely learn more about the still-mysterious title in the coming days, and courtesy of IGN's First initiative, we've got a surreal gameplay snippet to moon over in the meantime.

In the clip, tortured writer and protagonist Alan Wake encounters a character he created, none other than the hard-boiled detective and protagonist of Wake's in-universe crime series, Alex Casey. Casey is, of course, portrayed by Remedy's own Sam Lake, who in turn wrote Alan Wake the video game. Got it? Good.

Of course, Lake lent his iconic and angular face to Max Payne and wrote the first and second entries in that series of grimdark noir games, which are being remade on PS5. It's cool to see these universes colliding, supported by the strange, supernatural elements in Remedy's shared universe.

Are you getting excited for Alan Wake 2? Are you a fan of Remedy's particular brand of fourth-wall-breaking storytelling? Try to stay in character in the comments section below.